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Want flirty texts to send to a guy? In this video, you’ll discover what to text a guy, all the flirty ways to text a guy you like, and the flirty text messages every man craves. If you’ve ever struggled with flirty texts to send, and flirty text messages just stump you, I’ve got you covered. This video will show you the text messages to make him want you and how to text a guy to keep him interested!

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Are you stuck on flirty text messages to send him? Watch until the end of this
video to discover 5 flirty text messages to ramp up the attraction with
the man you want.

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Before I get into these text messages, it does not matter what you say.

It’s not the words that you say as long as you remember you just don’t want to be boring.


Okay, you can say whatever you want just don’t be boring. Be passionate! Be spontaneous! Be weird and quirky! Just don’t be boring and basically anything can go with a guy.

Flirty Text Message #1 The Hidden Message Text

With this flirty text message, this one is great to use when a man suggests something. He may make a suggestion like…

“Hey you should go on a holiday.”

“You should go to Thailand.”

“You should get a massage.”

“You should get McDonald’s they’re great!”

After that, you can now respond with this hidden message.

Okay, so a lot of the messages I’m gonna share with you have this hidden message to it. And remember it’s meant to be innocent-sounding but there’s a double meaning behind it.

For example:
When a man says “You should get a massage, they’re great.”

You can respond…

“Are you going to be the masseuse?” wink wink.

Your implied message is, “Is he going to come with you? Is he going to be there? Is he going to participate with you?”

That’s kind of the hidden message.

For example:

He says: “You should go to Thailand.”

You: “Are you gonna come with me?”

Very innocent but guys know what you mean when you say that. He will know you’re FLIRTING with him. It’s very fun, very innocent, and best of all NOT sexual.

To really drive home you’re “flirting”, throw in a SMILIE FACE emoji for good measure. He’ll get it.

Flirty Text Message #2 – Disqualify Him Text

With this flirty text message, you’re going to pick out an attribute about him that he knows to get some attention.

If he’s a cute guy, you want to point that out to him. If he is tall you may want to use that. If he’s smart, if he’s a smooth talker, if he’s funny, pick a trait you know he has a lot of confidence in, just by the way he carries himself.

For example, he’s cute.

You can say to him, “you’re cute but you’re not THAT cute.”

You’re picking out this attribute to give him a compliment but you’re also going to disqualify him at the same time.

There’s a double meaning here.

Guys like it when you can jokingly and flirtatiously imply that he needs to chase you – he needs to work for you.

Let’s pick his height this time.

You ask him, “How tall are you?”

He says, “5 foot 11.”

Now you can tease him about his height.

You: “Sorry I don’t date guys under 6 foot but you are pretty cute.”

So you disqualify him but you’re also giving him a compliment. It’s pretty simple.

Or if he is tall.

He says “I’m six foot three”.

You can say, “Jesus you’re too tall for me. I can’t handle you. I have to stand on tippy-toes just to talk to you. My necks gonna get all sore making out with you. I don’t know if this will work out.”

He knows that you’re joking when you’re saying this.

Of course, you’re gonna say it with a big smile on your face (or use SMILEY FACE emoji).

He’s gonna love this flirty text message.

Flirty Text Message #3 – The Mystery Text

For this flirty text example, you’re going to tell him the beginning of a story, a hook to catch his attention and pique his interest.

For example:

You: “You know I nearly died over there on that rock.”

Him: “Oh really? What happened?”

You: “Oh it’s a long story, maybe I’ll tell you about it if you’re lucky… now let me ask you a question…”

You quickly change the subject. So you give him the hook of the story without actually giving him the details or actually “what happened”. Again you say and imply “you’ll get the rest of the story if you’re lucky, if you can impress me, if you keep chasing me”.

Flirty Text Message #4 – The Straight Compliment Text

This flirty text message pretty straightforward. You’re going to give him a straight forward compliment.

You: “You know everything.

You’re right.

You’re so smart.

You’re pretty amazing.

Just a straightforward compliment. Nothing more to it. You want to use this when it’s appropriate and of course, be genuine about your compliment.

Flirty Text Message #5 – The Positive Feeling Text

This flirty text message is really about telling him how you “feel” when you’re around him.

You: “I feel really safe around you.

You’re cool, you make me laugh.

You make me feel really comfortable.

If he is doing something that’s making you feel a positive emotion, you want to tell him what that positive emotion is and then you give him the credit. Men love that!

Now you know exactly what flirty text messages to send him…

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