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Hi, I’m Katie

Certified Dating & Relationship Coach

I’m a Chinese Australian, passionate about helping women lean back in love so they can be their best self, and attract high value, masculine men who will adore and cherish her!

My Love Method uses cognitive behaviorial science, male psychology and life coaching principles to help women in love. Mainly to be unapologetically their true self (bold and soft at the same time) because I believe high value masculine men don’t want doormats for a wife; they want real, confident women who also embrace and love their soft feminine side.

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Attract Dream Love

 Become The Woman Men Want


Demonstrate you’re a high value woman, cultivate positive expectancy and self-awareness, break through your emotional blocks.




Lean back into your feminine energy and embrace the world of feminine joy, sponaneity and creative fun!




Communicate and set standards and boundaries from a place of loving yourself hard.


Take Responsibility

Observe and read men with ease as you gain confidence in your natural feminine intuition and grow into a strong emotional partner for a high value man!


The 50% Truth:


Be the person you want to attract.
You must become the high value woman men want in order to attract and keep a high value man.


The REAL Truth?


You must demonstrate you’re high value, consistently, over a sustained period of time for men to trust and respect you.
Only then will high value men claim you as his own.

The Fastest Way Is Through Working With A Coach

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What My Clients Are Saying...


“You’re magic! I want to tell everyone about you.”

I had been dating for years and still searching for a meaningful connection. I had the help of coaches in my professional life, and thought that perhaps it was time for a relationship coach if I wanted my situation to change. I was tired and down on the dating process and needed to switch things up, most of my friends are married and I knew the advice I was getting from my friend’s and peers was not helping! After speaking with Katie I felt challenged but also understood.I decided to try the coaching and it was the best decision ever.

Since being coached by Katie I have incorporated many new routines into my life, I now connect more to my feelings, I remind myself to lean back and not control every situation- to breathe. In turn I am a more happy soul. I can now see that the energy I bring to work can be left at work.

I am in a relationship with a great guy! I let him do things for me- which for some may seem obvious, but was not for me.



“…gave me skills I will use for a lifetime.”

Katie is the love cheerleader who inspires hope even when you’re feeling hopeless. Before I worked with Katie, I really didn’t understand men. Their patterns, why some seemed really interested at first but didn’t really stay around, the stages for them to commit, etc. I learned how to distinguish between a player and a man who is serious about a future. It wasn’t what I thought at all!

I acquired skills of how to communicate my feelings with men, and that it’s OK to express myself. It won’t drive them away, and will actually bring them closer. It’s the way you express yourself that’s important, you can say exactly what you mean and have them actually listen to you.

There are no games, or magic tricks, just pure common sense and it actually feels good to be with men now, not stressful with a bunch of games and tactics like other coaches use. I worked with a coach before her and she actually made things worse for me. Katie was able to thankfully undo the damage and now I have a wonderful man who wants to marry me.

Katie gave me skills I will use for a lifetime.”


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