9 Feminine Qualities Men Love (To Keep Him Interested)

by | Apr 16, 2024

Men love feminine qualities in women, but not how you might think. Here’s 9 feminine qualities men love – that makes a woman inviting and comfortable for a man to step up, pursue and commit to her with his heart.


  • How to be desirable to men, even the most cold and uninterested men.
  • How to radiate feminine energy and trigger his protective and provider instincts, even if you’re not naturally feminine.
  • Secrets to communicating with a man that will bring down his walls and open his heart to you
  • The one thing you can do right now to trigger his masculine energy and feeling like a hero around you.
  • Much more!

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What are the 9 feminine qualities that men love and why should you care? You may be someone who want to tap more into your feminine energy, your feminine side, so you can attract more masculine, alpha, high value men.

They love feminine women. Not saying you should change yourself for men, but if this is something that you also want to do, you also want to embrace that side of you, then this video is for you.
So here are the 9 feminine qualities that men love and it’s not what you might think.

First quality is being warm. So a lot of us think being warm means smiling and being happy and being joyful. And that’s not always what that means. Sometimes being warm simply means you are listening. You’re paying attention. You understand. You are observing your environment. Paying attention to what he is saying, to how he is saying it with his body language, that is being warm. When we feel like someone is paying full attention to us, we feel seen. We feel like the other person, they care about us.

Quality #2 is being receptive. So what this means is because you’re being present. Okay. You are open to what he is offering. You’re open to his jokes, his advice, his opinion about things. Because you’re observing him. You’re open. You’re not clouded by your own judgment. You’re just paying attention and then being open. You’re receiving it. You’re being curious about it.

You know, you want to take that gift that he’s giving you, abstract, metaphorical gift. And then looking at it, paying attention to it, observing it, being curious about it rather than shutting it down, judging it, being negative about it. Okay, this could simply mean laughing at his jokes. Okay? Smiling back at him, saying thank you.
your body language is being warm, being receptive.

#3 is irresistible confidence, this is about inner confidence. This is about knowing your inner worth, your inner value and loving yourself and understanding yourself and standing up for yourself.

This is such an important quality, and a lot of people don’t often equate this with being feminine, seen as you need to be kind of passive, more agreeable. But if you really think about it, a woman who is magnetic is happy, and happiness comes from being herself, being able to be herself.

If she is not being herself, she’s not being happy. Okay, so irresistible confidence is the ability to be yourself, love yourself and demonstrate to the world who you are. Okay, confidently, unapologetically. That means speaking your mind, sharing your opinions, having opinions, sharing your values,
setting appropriate boundaries from a loving place.
These are such important qualities in a high value feminine woman.

Quality #4 is having a soft but firm voice, so I sometimes get very loud and kind of bitchy, right? I have that kind of certain tone in my voice depending on my mood. when I talk to my man and that has its place, okay. However, there are definitely times where I’m very conscious about softening my tone of my voice on purpose.
Now, soft doesn’t necessarily mean weak. Okay? You can be soft and firm.

Quality #5 is being non-reactive. This is about being in control of your own emotions. Especially when a man comes at you with big emotions. Especially when a man triggers you or he gets angry. You know he says something that sounds like an attack. Okay. Those are the moments when you want to flare up and get on him.
That’s when it’s very, very useful for you to learn how to be non-reactive.

#6 is being open. This is about letting men in, into your inner world, into your inner thoughts and your inner emotions. This isn’t about just listing the facts of your day or the events of your day. Okay, so if you’re telling a man what you did today, you would say something like, I went to the gym this morning that I had breakfast and I met my sister for lunch. Then I went shopping, then I went swimming. Then I picked my daughter up, and then I got home, and then I got change. And then I had a nap. Okay, that is listing the events of the day. The facts of the day.

However, you didn’t tell him a single thing about how you felt throughout the day or what you thought about your day. Okay, so letting men in is to share. What did you think about the day? What did you think about having lunch with your sister? How did you feel after you did that? You know how you felt about things.
What you think about things, what your values are, what is important to you, what you fear, what you’re, anxious about.
that’s opening up. That’s how you open up to men.

Quality #7 is feminine communication. This is about using tact. When you are responding to men, especially when you are saying no to men, turning men down. Okay. You need to use tact. A lot of women don’t know how to turn a man down without shutting him down completely because they are not using feminine communication.
They are not using any kind of tact there.

For example, when a man asks you for a photo, let’s say you’re on a dating app, he asks you for a photo and you are not comfortable doing that. You could say, no, I don’t feel comfortable doing that. I’m not going to do that.
That has no tact at all. You’re not using any kind of tact there or you can say,
I would love to do that tomorrow.
Right now I’m not going to do that right now, but I’ll do it tomorrow. Right. Something like that. That would be using tact.
You’re still saying, I’m not going to do it, but you’re also gently turning him down.
Another example is instead of sending him a picture of yourself, which is probably what he is asking you, send him a picture of your dog. Okay? Still send him a picture. He didn’t. He didn’t specify what kind of picture. You sent him a picture.
It’s important that you respond to a man’s request indirectly.

Quality #8 is to let him lead. This is about having respect for him and trust. Okay. This is such an important element. when you’re dealing with a high quality masculine man, is the ability to trust him to lead you, right? A lot of women who are very independent, they don’t trust other people. They naturally have more trust in themselves than with other people.
That’s why they want to take the lead in everything. They want to be in charge because they know they can get it done, but they don’t really know if someone else can get it done.
However if you don’t let him lead then he will feel like you don’t trust him, you don’t respect him.

Quality #9 is the ability to ask for help.
If you think about asking for help, asking someone for help is the highest form of respect. It means you respect them. You respect their abilities, their talents, their ideas, their thinking. Right. You respect the value
that they bring into your life. And masculine men.
they want to feel needed. They want to feel desired. They want to feel like they are a valuable asset in your life.

Now, one of the most important feminine communication is texting.
You can actually radiate a lot of your feminine energy, your magnetism, through the words that you send a guy.
Words can be magical, and unfortunately, a lot of women don’t understand how to properly use this,
They may be repelling men and scaring men away unknowingly.
So I want to help you out there by offering my free texting guide. You can grab that for free in my description below.
Go check that out.

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