4 “Desperate Girl” Signals That Turn Guys Off 😂😂

by | Jul 9, 2024

Let’s talk about the 4 “desperate girl” signals that turn guys off..please ladies, don’t act desperate, and don’t make these mistakes like I have. Remember if you’ve done these in the past, or you’re worried about not looking desperate and turning him off, you’ll want to watch this video all the way to the end!


  • Why doing #1 on your date is actually NOT always a good thing (a lot of girls think it is!)
  • #2 is way too common and will immediately have you “friendzoned” or breadcrumbed
  • #3 will instantly turn a man off.. and if he ghosts you, this is why
  • #4… please do not do this and this one may even traumatize you long term!

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In this video I’m going to share with you 4 desperate girl signals that are turning men off, and you may not even be aware that you’re doing them. Before I get into that, the most powerful source within you that will help you effortlessly attract men is your feminine energy. What I’ve put together is a free resource, a quiz where you can check out what your feminine energy score is. All you have to do is go to the link in my description to check out that free quiz.

First of all, I just want you to know that we’ve all been there. No shame over these signals. I’ve definitely made pretty much all of these, except one of them I have never done. But I have definitely made these mistakes myself, so no shame. You just want to notice when we do them and back away from them.

The first thing you may be doing is allowing your dates to go on forever. And I used to do this because I like this guy so much. I didn’t expect to like him so much. And I would just end up spending five, six, seven, eight hours. you know, this whole entire half a day with him because I didn’t want the date to end.

I was like, wow, this is actually more fun than I thought. Let’s just keep going. Let’s just go to the next place, let’s go to the next place. And just dragging it out. And I hear women tell me this too, right? We had such an amazing first day. It went for seven hours. Right. And I don’t think they realize this is actually not necessarily a good thing.

If you’re having five, six, seven, eight hour dates and then you never hear back from the guy again, this may be one of the reasons why, okay. And you have to think about it. I like to think about this from the mindset of like, where was I at that I didn’t want the date to end? Okay, I thought I had this, like I had my plans for the day. And then all of a sudden, because I met this guy and the date was amazing, I just, you know, forgot about all the rest of my plans, didn’t care about them at all. I just want to spend all my time with him. All right. So you need to catch yourself if you’re doing that. And why would you be doing that? Because you’re thinking the rest of your schedule is boring. Not interesting. It’s more interesting being with this guy.

Same goes for phone calls and texting. If you’re spending hours and hours on the phone, hours, hours texting and never wanting them to end, this could be another one of those, actual like signals that you’re a little bit desperate, a little bit needy for a relationship.

The second thing is giving men gifts. You’re giving men anything, if you’re giving them money, an actual, like, gift present, travel, airplane tickets, buying them meals, coffees, anything like that is a no. And it signals to me that you’re a little bit desperate. A little bit trying to win him over, trying to impress him, and it’s not a good look. You shouldn’t be doing this unless he’s your official boyfriend.

Number three is leaving items at his house. Do not leave little trinkets and little things here and there at his house, hoping that it’ll remind him of you. He’ll think of you. And it’s like you’re, like putting down your territory. So other women know that you’ve been there. You’re his. Men are very turned off by this. They like their space, their territory. So if you’re, getting, you know, you’re, like, coming into his territory, his space, he’s going to be annoyed about that. He’s not going to like that. Okay. Especially if you’re not his girlfriend. And even if you are his girlfriend and this is early on, right? It still may be a bit icky. Okay. Just do not be doing that.

Number four is when you find yourself doing things for his benefit only. a negative for you. example, you don’t like drinking, but he likes drinking. So you drink for him. Okay. So he likes it because he likes it. If you are doing sexual things, even though you don’t really like it, it may even hurt you.

You don’t feel comfortable doing it, but he likes it, and you do them for him, right? So you’re really sacrificing a little bit of yourself because he likes it and you just kind of keeping quiet about the fact that you don’t actually like it in an effort to impress him. This is super, super desperate. Just have to be aware of it if you’re doing it, and this goes for the little things too, right? Like if you tell him one day you really don’t like people that sleep with men on the first date. You’re against that. And then you sleep with him on the first date.

You’re basically being incongruent. You’re basically telling him, I don’t have any…. I don’t believe in myself. I don’t have my own back. You shouldn’t respect me because clearly I don’t respect me. To me that stinks of desperation because you only do that stuff when you are so desperate for love. You’re so desperate for his approval that you’re willing to go against yourself to compromise yourself for him.

That’s a turnoff for men, for healthy men who are not abusive, it is a turn off for them. They don’t like that too. They feel that ickyiness, I don’t know what that is, but I don’t. It doesn’t feel good. So that is my video this week.

If you would like to learn the opposite of desperate, how to exude irresistible confidence, then you will want to check out my other videos on my channel. And also, if you would like to learn how to embody more of your feminine energy to attract and keep men more effortlessly, you’ll want to take my free quiz. And from there you’ll find out more about how to use your feminine energy to attract men. So that is all from me. If you enjoy this video, please like me and subscribe to my channel for more videos like this and I will be back real soon.

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